Our Shop

We offer a large range of exclusive products at very reasonable prices!

We are an exclusive little place in the Cresset Arcade, at Bretton centre Peterborough (map below). Our aim is to serve customers very good products at very reasonable prices. We have all kinds of items to suit your taste.

Some of our current stock includes: 
-  LYDC bags and Purses
-  ANNA SMITH Bags and Purses
-  High quality leather bags, Made in italy, India & China
-  Jimmy crystal Watches and accessories (swarovski crystal elements) 
-  Swarovski crystal jewellery 
-  Ladies and gents watches:
-  Sekonda 
-  Jeep
-  Eton
-  Geneva 
-  Sugar baby 
-  Henley 
-  Reflex
-  Wingmaster 
-  DG sunglasses
-  Large range of leather garments
-  Fashionable Scarves

Police, Rotary, Seiko & Bench Watches are coming soon. please check us out. 

And many more bags, watches and jewellery that has to be seen to be believed, so why not come visit us in store.